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Paying for your stay

July 10, 2020 by con con

Paying for your stay, some simple advice.
The risk of fraud and financial loss is a distressing experience, Cosycaravan matches the caravan owner with caravan lodger and the communications (e-mail, telephone, SMS etc) is not viewable by Cosycaravan this communication exists between the 2 parties only.

To protect the Caravan renters we suggest following some simple advice.

1) Check the feedback on the Caravan listing and owners page, feedback is left by previous lodgers and is one means to ensure it’s a legitimate caravan owner.
2) Ask for proof of caravan ownership, this can be done by the caravan owner providing a copy of the site fees invoice or similar statements
3) Pay by bank transfer, a new security measure called ‘Confirmation of Payee’ ensures the receivers name is legitimate for the given bank details. This name can be checked against any provided invoice or site fee statement to confirm legitimate ownership. Confirmation of payee is an automatic feature when making a UK bank to bank transfer
4) Avoid using unprotected money transfer systems such as Western Union and Paypal friends and family feature.

Cosycaravan aims to be a safe place for Caravan owners and caravan lodgers alike, following common-sense practices helps ensure any fraud is minimal or non-existent.